Ricky Gervais Hilariously Deconstructed a Tweeted Threat from a Christian Fundamentalist

There was one more exchange last night between Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert worth mentioning because it involved the atheist comedian trying to make sense out of religious irrationality.

Colbert asked Gervais to comment on this message he once retweeted:


Gervais said the person who sent it to him was a Creationist from Texas. And then he spent several minutes trying to unpack everything the man said…

“YOUR SCIENTS” — my science, and “science” is spelled “scients,” like it’s a plural of scient…

“YOUR SCIENTS WON’T HELP YOU” — well, it will. It’s helping him ’cause he’s texting up to a satellite and down to me, so it’s sort of helping him…

“YOUR SCIENTS WON’T HELP YOU WHEN SATAN” — of course he believes in Satan. Why wouldn’t he? He believes God made the Earth in six days…

“YOUR SCIENTS WON’T HELP YOU WHEN SATAN IS RAPING YOUR BRITISH ASS!!!” He’s got a point. He has got a point. Because if I die and I find myself in Hell being raped by Satan, science has pretty much let me down.

This is my favorite bit. “YOUR SCIENTS WON’T HELP YOU WHEN SATAN IS RAPING YOUR BRITISH ASS!!! I’LL BE LAUGHING.” So this silly [expletive] is there, too! He’s there!

So he’s a fundamentalist Creationist who’s lived his life by the Old Testament. He dies. He finds himself in Hell. He sees me being raped. It cheers him up! Like he’s over it already!

Leave it to Gervais to entertain conservative Christians even when they’re all burning in Hell.

It’s always fun to watch him deconstruct religious beliefs when the people he’s quoting clearly never thought it all through. (His Noah’s Ark routine is fantastic.)

Colbert, the devout Catholic who got into a religious debate with Gervais in the next segment, seemed to find the entire Tweet deconstruction routine hilarious.

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