Vermont is Once Again the Least Religious State in the Country

Congratulations, Vermont! You’ve dethroned New Hampshire to return to your rightful position as the least religious state in the country.


Gallup’s annual ranking shows that only 21% of the people in Vermont consider themselves “very religious,” the lowest number in the nation. Meanwhile, 58% of people in the state call themselves “non-religious.” No one beat them on that front, either.

Last year’s champion, New Hampshire, apparently rose to grace. Only 20% of the citizens last year were “very religious,” but that number jumped to 29% this year.

As for the other side, Mississippi is the most religious state in the country for the ninth straight year. 59% of people there are “very religious” compared to only 12% who are “non-religious.”

Makes you wonder: Who the hell are these 12% of non-religious people in Mississippi?

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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