John Oliver Goes After Donald Trump’s Lies: When You Confuse Faith and Facts, It Actually Matters!

Last Week Tonight returned to TV last night with a lengthy rebuke by John Oliver against Donald Trump‘s lies and criticism of objective reality.

For those of us who pride ourselves on knowing how to tell the difference between facts and all the things they say on conservative media outlets, it’s a topic that deserves a closer look.


The best line:

Faith and facts aren’t like Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton: When you confuse them, it actually matters.

It applies to the President just as it applies to Creationists and all those other groups that make up their own reality in order to make themselves look better.

There are no alternative facts. There are facts and there are methods that bring us as close as we can possibly get to the truth. When you have to rely on cherry-picked information, hearsay, or conspiracy theories to justify your beliefs, odds are you’re going to be proven wrong. The only question is whether you’re open-minded enough to accept that.

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