The Creation Museum’s New “I Wonder” Ad Campaign Doesn’t Make a Damn Bit of Sense

Ken Ham has announced a new advertising campaign for the Creation Museum, with commercials airing this week on a number of basic cable networks.

When you watch the ads, which involve children asking interesting questions they don’t know the answers to, see if you can spot where things go horribly wrong…


BOY: I wonder how long a dolphin lives.

I wonder if they can make cookies in space.

I wonder when people started brushing their teeth.

I wonder if people and dinosaurs ever lived together.

MOTHER: Wanna find out?

[Music and Creation Museum logo]

BOY: I wonder how much a cloud weighs.

GIRL: I wonder if penguins have knees.

I wonder how many colors we can’t see.

I wonder why there are so many stars in the universe.

I wonder if we ever looked like apes.

GRANDFATHER: You wanna find out?

[Music and Creation Museum logo]

GIRL: I wonder if puppies have belly buttons.

Those are all great questions, but the Creation Museum doesn’t answer most of them! And the ones they do answer, they answer wrongly.

The Creation Museum isn’t designed to spark curiosity. It’s designed to destroy it. It claims the Bible has all the answers — it’s right there in the name of the museum’s parent company, Answers in Genesis — even though those answers are routinely contradicted by the mountains of evidence available to us.

Put another way, if kids really wanted to find answers to their basic questions, and obtain enough knowledge to begin asking even more nuanced ones, the Creation Museum is the last place you’d want to take them.

Get them a good science book. (Multiple good science books, since one book never has all the answers.) Take them to an actual science museum where they can see basic principles in action and come away wanting to know more. Hell, just give them an iPad and tell them to search Wikipedia.

Whatever you do, make sure their challenging questions are rewarded with something more useful than “God did it.”

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