Couple That Needed Surgery, Infertility Drugs, and IVF to Get Pregnant Thanks God For the Miracle

Lauren Walker and her husband Garyt just announced some very exciting news on Facebook: They’re expecting twins. What makes that even more emotional than usual is how long they’ve been trying to have kids and everything they went through to get to this point.

The picture they shared gives you an idea of the mountain they had to climb.


What gets to me, though, is the commentary…

We prayed for 953 days…

452 Needles
1000’s of tears
1 corrective surgery
4 clomid/letrozole attempts
2 IVF rounds
3 failed transfers
& 1 Amazing GOD.

Here’s a thought that’s bound to be unpopular: If getting pregnant required needles and surgery and infertility drugs and IVF rounds… either God’s sending you a sign that you shouldn’t be having a baby or you should be thanking the scientists who made your pregnancy possible. There’s nothing natural or miraculous going on here.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m thrilled this couple will get to experience the children they clearly want.

But at some point, shouldn’t credit go to people who actually deserve it?

(Thanks to GodVlogger for the link)

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