An Engaged Couple May End Up in a United Arab Emirates Jail for Having Sex Before Marriage

Emlyn Culverwell (a South African man) and Iryna Nohai (a Ukrainian woman) are engaged to be married, and they live in the United Arab Emirates, where Culverwell has been working for the past several years. When Nohai began having stomach cramps earlier this year, she went to see a doctor, who told her she was pregnant.

That’s when they were arrested. Because in the Islamic nation, people who have sex outside of marriage are breaking the law.


This happened in January, but the news is only going public now since the two remain detained. The Ukrainian embassy is involved in the matter, “trying to obtain permission for the two to get married or for them to be deported.”

Until something happens, though, Culverwell and Nohai are being punished for essentially being non-Muslims in a nation where not following strict Muslim rules is forbidden. It’s religious dogma run amok.

Culverwell’s mother says the “the only thing they did wrong was fall in love.” But that’s not necessarily accurate. They fell in love and acted on it in a nation where love comes with restrictions. To be honest, I don’t know why they expected anything different. Did they really think they could coexist with a lion under the assumption it wouldn’t try to maul them?

If convicted of a crime, the couple could spend a long time in jail.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Christopher for the link)

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