Gordon Klingenschmitt: “Demonic Spirits” Are Using Beauty and the Beast to Turn Kids Gay

Gordon Klingenschmitt, former Colorado State House member and conservative Christian talk show, recently said demonic spirits were the reason atheists sued over a Ten Commandments monument outside a public high school.

Apparently, those same spirits are using the new live action Beauty and the Beast film to “recruit children into sin.” Which means he’s falling for the lie that having a gay character in the movie amounts to promoting the homosexual agenda which means turning kids gay… a slippery slope that shouldn’t make a damn bit of sense to anyone.


Disney and those involved in the production of this movie are being driven by demonic spirits to “intentionally [promote] sin to children,” he warned.

“There is destruction in the future of these people who cooperate with that evil,” Klingenschmitt said, as he prayed that God will “stop the recruiting of our children into the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality” and that Americans will finally “wake up and boycott the Disney corporation,” which he claimed has been “using money to fund the gay agenda for decades.”

It’s amazing how Disney plans to turn kids gay by showing them a love story between a woman and an animal that involves a side character who happens to have feelings for his alpha male friend.

If that’s all it takes to change someone’s sexual orientation, then I have no idea why conservative Christians have been going through all the trouble of gay conversion therapy. They could’ve just shown victims Sausage Party and been done with it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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