Watch This Scientist Delightfully Correct a Science Communicator on His Video About Evolution

Back in December, popular YouTuber Charlie McDonnell made a really nifty video describing some common misconceptions about evolution. It’s worth checking out:

Normally, we’d just celebrate videos like that because we always appreciate people who correct scientific misconceptions. Better to have those videos than the alternative, right?

But evolutionary biologist Sally Le Page noticed a few problems with what Charlie said. Some of the examples he used weren’t exactly accurate.

So she made her own video documenting misconceptions in his video. (It’s like evolutionary Inception.)


Science communicators helping other science communicators. I love it. And it’s not just the same basic information we’re used to hearing — it goes beyond that to correct things that even science advocates sometimes get wrong. We could use more of that.

Incidentally, the two of them get along just fine. Sally will be interviewing Charlie at the end of April, in Oxford, about his new book Fun Science. More information on that event right here.

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