The Jehovah’s Witnesses Made an Odd Video Depicting Paradise, So a Bunch of Ex-JWs Responded To It

Last summer, the Jehovah’s Witnesses held regional conferences in which they showed a number of videos that have since been picked apart and analyzed.

But this last one is especially awful. It’s all about “Paradise” — and what the Witnesses believe will happen after they die. It’s a video full of people who stop aging, plant gardens, ride horses, read the Bible, and play violins.

And then they get reunited with their loved ones like it’s the end of Shawshank Redemption.

That’s what they seriously think the afterlife holds in store for them. And if you have no desire to do yardwork or play a musical instrument, well, you’re out of luck. That’s Paradise. Deal with it.

Now, a number of ex-JWs have created a response of sorts in which they celebrate life after leaving the religion.

That’s what happiness looks like. It’s not some fake, narrow, perfect vision of life after death. It’s having joy right now. That’s what the former JWs have. No indoctrination required.

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