Texas House GOP Votes To Take $20 Million from Clean-Air Initiatives to Fund Anti-Abortion Centers

In the most Texas story you’ll see all day, the Republican-led House voted 131-16 to take $20 million that were supposed to be spent on clean air initiatives and redistribute that money to anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers.

It gets worse. One of the major groups that would be receiving that funding — surprise! — isn’t providing adequate care to women.


The vote will head to the state Senate next, and comes less than a month after an Associated Press report found that the Heidi Group, which is part of the Alternatives to Abortion initiative, isn’t meeting the requirements agreed upon after it received a $1.6 million taxpayer-funded government grant in August of last year.

The Heidi Group was supposed to put the funding toward support for women with unplanned pregnancies on Facebook, providing a 1-800 number for women who need help or guidance, or airing public service announcements.

The AP found that the organization “has done little of the outreach it promised.”

Republicans: They’ll fight for babies who aren’t born in order to get to Heaven after they die. They care about life that doesn’t exist to get a place that doesn’t exist.

And they’ll punish anyone who dares suggest we should pay more attention to the here and now.

It’s not too late for Texans to call their senators and tell them to vote against the change… but who are we kidding? If reason and evidence actually convinced the state’s Republicans to do the right thing, it wouldn’t be Texas anymore.

(Thanks to Sue for the link)

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