Note to Churches: Don’t Involve Children In Your Jesus Torture Cosplay

Churches love to have kids act in Nativity plays around Christmas. That makes a lot of sense. It’s an uplifting story (if you believe in it) of the birth of Jesus.

But why the hell would a church have kids act out the scene where Jesus gets crucified?

This is what one reader stumbled upon outside The Loft, a church in Shelbyville, Tennessee:

cross kids

Isn’t that adorable? Two crucified children flanking Adult Jesus with a couple of young spear-holding centurions for good measure. It’s like an elementary school version of The Passion of the Christ for the benefit of strangers driving on the street.

What a weird way to sell a religion. Come to The Loft! We’ve got death, torture porn, and weaponry!

And a basketball hoop. Can’t forget that. Then again, maybe I’m misjudging the whole situation and those kids on the end were just really bad during Sunday School.

(Thanks to Rob for the link)

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