Watch Arian Foster and Bill Nye Discuss Physics, Atheism, and Einstein

There are people who love science and people who love sports, and all of them are going to enjoy this conversation between Bill Nye and former NFL star (and out atheist) Arian Foster:


The atheism bit starts at around the 10:28 mark. Foster tells a personal story about why he began to question his faith due to problems at home and realized that there was a contradiction between “what I was being taught and what was being done.” It’s a story a lot of atheists could tell.

Foster came out publicly as an atheist in 2015. He retired from the NFL last October, midway through his eighth season, after being sidelined by injuries. As he says in the video, he plans to pursue a degree in physics.

Nye, whose Netflix show premieres this Friday, was thrilled to hear that.

(via The Ringer)

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