Lawrence Krauss on Finding Purpose: “Life Is More Precious Because It’s Temporary and Accidental”

It’s a question atheists get all the time: How do you find meaning in life if you don’t believe in God?

Physicist Lawrence Krauss takes a crack at that question in a video for Big Think, saying we have to give ourselves meaning because the universe doesn’t care about us. But that’s no reason to be depressed.


… the fact that the universe itself may have no purpose doesn’t affect our purpose, in fact it’s the incredible height of solipsism to assume that without us the universe doesn’t matter, and that if the universe is purposeless we don’t matter. We make our own purpose, and it seems to me life is more precious because it’s temporary and accidental, and we should take advantage of that. And we have evolved brains and that allows us to ask questions not just about how the universe works but how we should behave.

It’s a solid answer without any of the wishful thinking that plagues religion.

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