Right-Wing Commentator: Donald Trump is Like Jesus, and His Critics Want to Crucify Him

Wayne Allyn Root, a right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist, is the type of person who thinks Donald Trump can do no wrong and his critics are the worst.

You know who else was persecuted by his critics? Jesus.

So Root jumped to the comparison that no one in their right mind would ever make.


“They have to stop him at all costs,” Root said. “Not just stop him, destroy him. Lynch him. Crucify him. They need to send a clear message, so no one ever tries to educate, enlighten, or empower the people ever again. That’s why the gates of hell have been opened on President Trump. That’s why Trump is facing a tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hailstorm all in one.

“They need to kill Trump,” he said, “whether it be character assassination or the real thing, aka murder.”

“Never in all my years in politics have I seen ever anything like the way the gates of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump,” Root said. “This isn’t just an old-fashioned attack, it isn’t random. This is a coordinated conspiracy to destroy Trump. This is a high-tech lynching. This is a crucifixion!

“And that’s why we must all support President Trump,” Root warned. “If we don’t back Trump now, if you don’t back Trump now, it’s all lost forever. It’s time to fight like a cornered wolverine. It’s time to fight like it’s the end of America, because it is. We can’t go back in time and save Sir William Wallace. We can’t go back and save Jesus Christ from being nailed to that cross. But we can change the future course of history today. There is still time to stand with Donald Trump against the forces of evil.

Keep in mind that Trump’s critics are simply asking for transparency. A fair accounting of the facts. An honest report on what Trump’s connections are to Russia. That’s apparently too much for Root to handle.

If Trump had nothing to hide, this “high-tech lynching” would be over and liberals would only be criticizing his awful policy decisions and incompetent staff and tax-breaks-for-the-rich-obsessed party. But at least they wouldn’t be torturing him, right?

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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