Joel Osteen Under Fire for Making Texas Longhorns Gesture After Son’s College Graduation

There are 8032432 reasons Christians might be upset with Pastor Joel Osteen. His sermons are more self-help than Bible-focused. The church is very much a cult of personality. He doesn’t take hard stances on controversial issues.

But Joel and his wife Victoria celebrating their son’s college graduation? That shouldn’t even make the list.

See if you can guess why some people are all worked up.



If you guessed people wrongly assumed they were making a devil-related gesture — rather than the traditional “Hook ‘Em Horns” gesture for the Texas Longhorns — you’d be right.

To be sure, plenty of people (many of them presumably Christian) understand what the sign means. Many of them even corrected the people jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Still, it’s absurd that people would assume the worst about the Osteens based on their own ignorance. I would say that’s unusual, except evangelicals have a habit of doing just that when it comes to issues like LGBT rights and Planned Parenthood.

The Osteens haven’t responded publicly to the comments. Not that they need to.

(via Austin American-Statesman and The Christian Post)

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