Pat Robertson: Donald Trump is “God’s Man for This Job”

Televangelist Pat Robertson has joined the chorus of Christian Right leaders who believe Donald Trump‘s presidency is just part of God’s Master Plan.


Robertson also wants everyone to pray for Trump, since there’s a “spiritual battle” being waged against him… but I’m pretty sure he’s confusing the Work of Satan with all those corruption probes.

“He’s God’s man for this job,” Robertson said, thanking the president for taking “steps that please most evangelicals.”

God, he continued, put Trump “in this office.”

I thought it was bad enough for Republicans to keep defending Trump through each of his controversies. But I had no idea we could hang his ineptitude on God! How’s that for some awful Christian marketing? Whenever you think of the Almighty, think of Donald Trump.

I’m sure it’ll hold up well.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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