Granddaughter of Televangelist Jan Crouch Awarded $2 Million in Rape Trial

A jury has awarded 24-year-old Carra Crouch $2 million for “her years of emotional trauma and future suffering” after her grandmother, televangelist and Trinity Broadcasting Network co-founder Jan Crouch, refused to report Carra’s rape to authorities when she was only 13 (possibly to avoid bad press). The man, a Trinity employee, was never arrest or charged with a crime.

We wrote more about this case last week. Jan Crouch died in 2016.


“This is important. Carra Crouch needed someone to say, ‘It’s not your fault,’ ” said her attorney, David Keesling. “She was never able to come to grips with the fact she was not to blame.”

Michael King, an attorney for Trinity, said the nonprofit organization was “inclined to appeal.”

“The jury ultimately determined that Jan’s response — by blaming and castigating Carra, by saying words beyond all realm of decency — constituted outrageous conduct,” said Keesling, Carra Crouch’s lawyer.

Jurors found that Jan Crouch was liable for 45% of her granddaughter’s emotional harm, which makes Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, the TV network’s parent organization, responsible for $900,000 of the verdict…

As far as there can be any “good news” in any trial this disturbing and emotional, I’m glad to see some semblance of justice. We hear too many instances of abuse or coverups within the church. Every time a religious leader is punished for criminal actions or negligence, there’s hope that the floodgates will open and more will face the same fate.

It’s just too bad Jan Crouch isn’t around to deal with the consequence of her inaction.

(via Christian Nightmares. Screenshot via YouTube)

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