Texas Woman Who Left 2 Toddlers in Car to Die Regularly Praised God Online

Amanda Hawkins, the young woman who left her two young children in the car to die while she was out partying, is a proud Christian who routinely mentions God on Facebook.


Authorities say that Hawkins intentionally left her young girls — ages 1 and 2 — in her vehicle for more than 15 hours while she was at a friend’s house. Temperatures rose into the 90s in the morning before they were taken to the hospital and soon pronounced dead.

Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer said in a statement:

This is by far the most horrific case of child endangerment that I have seen in the 37 years that I have been in law enforcement. Now with the death of the girls the charges could be upgraded after this case is presented to a grand jury.”

It turns out that Hawkins, who lied about a trip to the lake when she finally brought them to the hospital, is a Christian who regularly posts about parenting and the Bible.

Like this post, made before she killed her children, featuring 2 Timothy 3, about the “Dangers of the Last Days.”


Hawkins also posted a “Realistic Daily Plan for Moms,” which included an exhaustive list of things to do for her children. On the “to-do” part of that list, most notably, is “Keep kids alive.” Looks like that part was harder than she thought.


She has also posted about Easter, thanked God for her husband getting a new job, shared a Christian marriage advice thread, and reposted an image saying, “Having kids didn’t change my life… it SAVED my life.”

If only she hadn’t ended theirs.


I’m not saying Christianity caused Amanda to kill her young daughters. I am saying, however, that the Christian morals she espoused didn’t prevent her from doing something most parents could only imagine in their nightmares. She frequently quoted the Bible and talked about protecting her kids, but ultimately, it was all talk. She wasn’t able to keep them safe from herself, and she is being held accountable not by God but by the justice system.

(Images via Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and Facebook)

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