David Barton: God Gives Us Bad Weather Because Women Are Having Abortions

On yesterday’s episode of WallBuilders Live!, Christian pseudo-historian David Barton explained that God gives us bad weather because we’re doing things that upset Him.


Another one I’ll throw out is weather. It’s interesting in the Bible, weather patterns are often predicated on whether the people doing the right thing or the wrong thing. And if people sin against God, then you get floods, and you get storms, you get lightning, you get all your crops get destroyed, you get all sorts of things

… today 52 percent of Christians think that God does a really lousy job with the weather. Maybe it’s not his choice that is doing it. Maybe it’s our own sin or our own unrighteous policies. Maybe it’s because we love killing unborn kids, 60 million of them. Maybe God says, “I’m not going to bless your land when you’re doing it.”

Believe it or not, abortion has no effect on the weather. The snow’s going to come in winter whether we’re sinning or not. That was true in biblical times and it’s true now. There’s bad weather

It also makes you wonder why, if Barton’s right, some Christian governors have prayed for rain. Maybe they should just stop sinning… or recognize that God must hate them.

The other possibility — stay with me here — is that Barton is making all this up. It’s not like he has a Ph.D. in meteorology. Or anything else.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via YouTube)

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