Ex-Muslims: Why Would God Give Us Brains and Then Punish Us for Using Them?

The Ex-Muslims of North America released the latest video in their project featuring apostates willing to speak out publicly.

This time, we meet Lina and Hazar, sisters from Syria, who felt a pull away from Islam from a young age.


At one point, we hear that when the sisters asked their mother about God, she responded that questions like those were just examples of the Devil playing with your head. You shouldn’t ask them at all. (How’s that for confidence in your beliefs?)

Why would God give me a brain, one sister wondered, if she was constantly told not to use it?

Since then, the sisters have helped each other get away from faith, and they’ve even pushed their mother in a more progressive direction.

These videos are incredible. Be sure to watch the others in the series right here.

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