Watch These Excellent Conversations About Objective Morality and Free Will

Two of my favorite atheist YouTubers sat down in person — who knew that was possible? — to discuss two issues they both care deeply about.

Alex J. O’Connor (CosmicSkeptic) and Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules) read Sam Harris‘ books The Moral Landscape and Free Will. So they discussed the central theses in those books.

Does objective morality exist (and can science point us in that direction)? And does free will exist? While they disagree on the first question, they’re on the same wavelength with the second and focus more on the consequences of their beliefs.


I watched a large portion of their discussions yesterday and, more than any single argument they made, it was just a pleasure watching two intelligent people debating these issues without trying to one-up each other the whole time.

They were willing to admit when they didn’t have the answer. They were quick to praise the other for a good point. They tried very hard to make sure they were properly characterizing the other person’s position before responding.

Those things are hard to find in any debate. And they did all of them. So block out some time and enjoy these conversations.

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