Murdered? Check. Atheist? Check. Detestable Facebook Comment? Why Not.

On Friday, the Canyon County coroner in Idaho announced that the bodies of three people had been found in a farmhouse. Gerald Michael “Mike” Bullinger is the main suspect and he hasn’t been found yet. The victims? Cheryl Baker (his wife), Nadja Medley (his mistress), and Medley’s daughter Payton.

Nadja Medley, Mike Bullinger, and Payton Medley
Nadja Medley, Mike Bullinger, and Payton Medley

As the accounts of the story go, Baker and Medley didn’t know about each other. Bullinger told his wife he was in Idaho preparing their retirement home… when he was really living with Medley and her daughter. Baker surprised him with a visit… and all three women were soon found dead.

The details are, not surprisingly, convoluted and unconfirmed.

Why bring it all up? Because a reader brought this Facebook post to my attention.


Here’s what that exchange means: After hearing that Medley was murdered, a Christian went on Facebook, found her profile, read through her old posts, discovered she was an atheist, and decided that would be the perfect time to say, “Told you so!”

It’s just despicable behavior. But that commenter thinks God is on her side, and that somehow makes it okay.

I know this is completely tangential to the main story and I know internet trolls exist on all sides. But still. What the hell compels someone to do this?

***Update*** (7/4): The person who made the comment has since apologized. You can read her message right here.

(Thanks to Michelle for the link)

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