In Melbourne, People Are Decorating the Ugly Blocks Stopping Terrorist Drivers

It’s a disturbing sign of the times that city officials in Melbourne, Australia have put up concrete blocks (“bollards”) on the sides of busy streets to prevent terrorists from driving onto the sidewalk and killing people.


As far as public safety goes, that makes sense. But what an eyesore…

Thankfully, though, local artists have taken to decorating those bollards (without permission) and making them more pleasing to passers-by.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says the concrete blocks were always going to be replaced with something more pleasant, but city officials insist they have no intention of removing this artwork before that time comes.

In other words, these unsightly blemishes that were put up as a response to terrorism are becoming something of a tourist attraction on their own.

How beautiful is that?

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Gunnar for the link)

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