A Pakistani Pizza Shop Owner Covered His Robot Waitress’ Neck To Avoid Scandal

Pakistan is the latest country to introduce robot waitresses at a restaurant. In this case, pizza shop owner Osama Jafri says sales have doubled since he introduced the robot back in February.


But reader Paul noticed a rather strange line in the Washington Post article about this.

The robot resembles a short, slender woman wearing a long dress and apron. He says he wrapped a scarf around the robot’s neck so as not to offend conservative patrons.

To repeat: Jafri put a scarf around a female robot’s neck… because it would’ve been too scandalous to let it go bare. That’s the level of religious extremism we’re talking about in the Muslim-majority country.

I guess we should be thrilled that they didn’t force the robot to wear a hijab.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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