There Are Good Reasons for Male Circumcision (Debunked)

Are there any good reasons for boys to be circumcised?

You might agree that religious and cultural traditions are bad reasons to keep doing it, but what about all those health benefits? Doesn’t circumcision improve male hygiene, prevent UTIs, and decrease the risk of penile cancer and HIV?

YouTuber Stephen Woodford addresses all of those concerns in this video. (His channel is Rationality Rules, though this video was made for Counter Arguments.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 6.19.59 PM

The one argument he didn’t address — and which I’ve seen people make — is that it might look unusual to people who aren’t used to it. In other words, won’t people I date be weirded out by it? But as more parents choose not to circumcise their boys — and the practice is slowly decreasing — it’ll become more commonplace and less weird.

In any case, the benefits of circumcision are minimal at best. Why permanently disfigure a child for that?

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