Christian Pastor Blames “Homosexual Indoctrination” for Sexual Assaults in School

Pastor Kevin Swanson, who has a long history of saying bigoted anti-LGBTQ things with no consequences from his conservative Christian audience, has done it again.

This time, he was offering a simple answer to a complicated question… and completely missing the mark.

Why are we seeing a rise in sexual assaults in public schools? You might say it’s because more victims are finally speaking up — a good, courageous development — or because more people think they can get away with it. You could blame it on politics since President Pussy Grabber didn’t face any consequences. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone blamed it on easier access to drugs or pornography.

But Swanson didn’t say any of that. He was too busy blaming his go-to bogeymen.


… Swanson declared that sexual assault in public schools “shouldn’t be too surprising” to anyone, because public schools are “so sexualized” through “sex-ed” and “homosexual indoctrination.”

Swanson blamed the “very, very common” problem of sexual assault on the fact that “there is no Christian discipleship program” in public schools, which are “are not patterned after the Hebrew model” nor “patterned after the word of God.” Instead, Swanson lamented, “public schools are patterned after the Greek gymnasium… and the Greek gymnasium involved a great deal of sexual activity, and of course laboratory experience as well. That is, the sex-ed classes usually involved some degree of laboratory experience.”

That’s… not how sex ed classes work. Maybe more students would pay attention if sex education classes included a lab portion… but they don’t.

This is typical right-wing Christian thinking, though. See a problem? Blame the gays. No matter what.

Even though comprehensive sex education and teaching kids about consent and respect from an early age would do more to prevent assault in the future.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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