Pastor Told Now-Missing Teacher That Her Meds Were a “Gateway Drug to the Devil”

Jamie Devenport-Tull is a kindergarten teacher from Modesto, California. She has been missing since Monday. No one seems to know where she might be. Investigators found her car not far from where she lived, damaged from an apparent crash, but her body wasn’t there. Her husband says she may have walked away… somewhere.


Jamie Tull, who family says suffers from a bipolar disorder, was last heard from Monday after she crashed her vehicle in a field in east Merced County. She was on the phone with her husband, Apollo Tull, at the time.

Minutes before, she had called him in tears, saying, “I’m not going to see you again.”

“I was in shock,” Apollo Tull said.

It’s just a tragic story (so far) and I hope for the best. But there was one passage in a news article about her disappearance that had me fuming:

According to Devenport-Tull’s father, his daughter has bipolar disorder. He says she has not taken her medication for about six months because a pastor and his wife told her that pills are a “gateway drug to the devil.”

Leave it to Jesus to make an already disturbing situation even worse.

(Thanks to @GrumpyOldFkr for the link)

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