This Explains All the Cringeworthy Moments from Bill Nye Saves the World

When Terry wrote about Netflix’s series Bill Nye Saves the World, it wasn’t exactly a rave review. There was a lot to complain about. The strange segments, the awkward jokes, the lingering question of who the intended audience was supposed to be… and that’s before we even get into “My Sex Junk.”

More than anything, a lot of viewers were frustrated. We wanted the show to succeed. We like seeing science popularized. We love Bill Nye. But that show just didn’t work.

John Rael at skepticallypwnd is in the camp of science enthusiasts who didn’t enjoy the series. But rather than review the whole thing, he did something even better. He got behind-the-scenes footage of the producers thinking up all the ideas for the show.


Well, someone thought all those ideas were good.

Then again, what do we know? The show got two Emmy nominations and renewed for another season. So let’s hope the real producers listen to the criticism and create a show worthy of Nye’s talent next time.

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