Atheists Sponsor Charity Food Drive During St. Paul Saints Baseball Game

For the sixth consecutive year, the Minnesota Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation joined forces with a local minor league baseball team to have some fun and do some charity work.

Normally, the St. Paul Saints become the “Mr. Paul Aints” for a day. Things were a little simpler this year. The name stayed the same but the “A” in sAints got an atheist flourish:

slaughterhouse 5MrPaulAints


The group also asked fans to donate food for the needy:


This night at the ballpark is billed as “Food For Thought” because fans are being asked to bring nonperishable food items to benefit The Food Group food bank, which works toward improving people’s lives in this world — here and now. Here’s some food for thought: Since the beginning of 2016, volunteers from Minnesota Atheists have helped sort and repackage 54,237 pounds of food to fight hunger in our community. This amount represents more than 45,000 meals. This is enough food to feed 1,255 families of four for a three-day period.

“There are three types of families in this world,” says Eric Jayne, who serves on the Minnesota Atheists board of directors. “Those who pray before dinner, those who don’t pray before dinner, and those who have no dinner at all. Human nature compels us to serve the last category of families because dreams of a sanitized afterlife cannot feed hungry children.”

I love that statement :)

The sAints lost the game, but that’s irrelevant at this point. Considering how many baseball teams host some sort of “faith night,” it’s nice to see atheists taking advantage of the partnerships and helping people at the same time.

You can see images from previous festivities right here.

(Thanks to Eric for the link and images)

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