Ken Ham: If People Don’t Believe Genesis, They Won’t Trust the Rest of the Bible

Creationist Ken Ham has finally figured it out. He deserves a round of applause.


That’s right. If the first pages of the Bible are a myth — and they are — it puts all the other stories in jeopardy, too.

Ham spent more than $100 million on Ark Encounter and tens of millions on the Creation Museum to prevent that first domino from toppling, but there’s no evidence that suggests it’s working. Belief in Young Earth Creationism, while still far too high, is lower than it’s ever been.

All the more reason we need to keep working to show people that Genesis should not be taken literally, nor should the rest of the Bible.

By the way, I love the responses to Ham’s tweet:

Golf claps all around.

"I do believe Tim was talking about all the people Christianity has killed."

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