Peruvian Atheists Are Fighting Stereotypes By Asking for Hugs

A Peruvian reader named Maria passed along this really neat photo:


That sign says, in English, “I do not believe in God, but in love, solidarity, and respect. I love my family and they love me. If you accept me as I am, give me a hug.”

Manuel, the man holding the sign, is doing it as part of a project called the #HugAnAtheistChallenge. It’s a way to counter stereotypes in a country that’s roughly 81% Catholic and 13% Protestant.

And he’s not alone. Other members of the Asociación Peruana de Ateos and Sociedad Secular Humanista del Perú are joining in as well.

More power to them all! Especially if it leads to more conversations and a little less demonizing.

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