Pastor Lance Wallnau: I Command Hurricane Irma to Go Back Into the Ocean

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau has a habit of saying dumb things.

He believes Donald Trump is protecting us from the Antichrist, that God won’t allow Trump to be impeached, and that the Oscars Best Picture debacle was God’s way of making Trump’s critics look foolish.

And last night, he added to his résumé by calling on God (around the 7:00 mark) to turn Hurricane Irma away from the coasts and back into the ocean.


… We command that storm… in the name of Jesus, you will go off to the ocean, you will bounce off in a direction away from the coast… we don’t have to accept this destruction. And we’ll see it wobble and [sound effect] off to the ocean it goes, out into the open ocean it goes…

Well. That failed.

Irma has already decimated the island of Barbuda and it appears to be on track to hit the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Thanks for nothing, God.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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