A New Netflix Documentary Will Follow Hasidic Jews Leaving Their World Behind

Netflix has released the trailer for a new documentary called One of Us. It’s all about the lives of Hasidic Jews trying to leave their insulated, isolated world.

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, who made this film, are the same team that made Jesus Camp. So you know it’ll be good.

We’ve posted several times about the problems within the Orthodox Jewish community and the difficulties of trying to break free from it.

When you’re raised without exposure to the “outside” world — one young man in the trailer says he didn’t even know what “Google” was — getting that first bit of knowledge that the outside might be better than the inside is frightening. So imagine how brave you have to be to actually step out into that world. You’re giving up everything for the unknown.

To watch these people actually do that is bound to be captivating. The movie begins streaming on Netflix beginning October 20.

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