These People Think Their Prayers Had an Impact on Hurricane Irma

While Hurricane Irma destroyed a number of islands in the Caribbean, left millions of Floridians without power, and is still capable of creating immense chaos. At the same time, it’s been downgraded to a Category 2 storm as it makes its way through the southwest part of the state.

Why did that happen? We could say it has something to do with a lack of warm, moist air to power the hurricane… or we can thank Jesus.

These people all know which of those explanations makes the most sense.

Those people are thanking God that Irma isn’t doing as much damage as was predicted… but it doesn’t seem to cross their minds that, according to their own beliefs, God created the hurricane and led it down its path of destruction. God could’ve not done that. God could’ve blown the hurricane away from all those places inhabited by people. But He didn’t.

That won’t stop some people from giving God all the credit in the world.

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