Ken Ham Doesn’t Think Homosexuality is a Sin

Ken Ham is furious that an op-ed piece in the Lexington Herald-Leader lumps him with other Christians who have blamed hurricanes on society’s acceptance of homosexuality.

The piece was written by Roger Guffey, a local Sunday School teacher, who thinks the problem is that these men claim to understand God’s reasons for sending hurricanes. He says the God of the Bible was “more than a little irritated with these upstarts who foolishly thought they knew God’s motives for doing anything.”

Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee and now Ken Hamm of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Park state without reservation that disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are God’s punishment for homosexuality.

Implicit with their accusations is the belief that the sin of homosexuality is the determining factor that God uses to mete out Biblical punishment.

Guffey spelled Ham’s name wrong, which is a weird typo. But according to Ham, he shouldn’t have been included on the list since he never said anything of the sort.

He defies us to show where he linked hurricanes with homosexuality!

Okay. Challenge accepted. On September 6, Ham blamed hurricanes on sin. “We live in a fallen groaning world,” he tweeted, and that’s why all these bad things happen to us. Why did that damn woman have to eat a piece of fruit?!

Considering how often Ham complains about homosexuality, it’s reasonable to think that’s one of the “sins” he was referring to.

Unless he doesn’t think homosexuality is a sin…

Oh. My. God. That totally explains the rainbow colors lighting up Ark Encounter at night.


Congratulations, Ken. You’re finally an ally. I’m sure the LGBTQ community will accept you with open middle fingers.

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