Why the Abuse of Religious Freedom Affects Both Atheists and LGBTQ People

Last night, The Advocate published an exclusive excerpt from Queer Disbelief, the new book written by Camille Beredjick and edited by me, about why atheists should be advocates for LGBTQ rights.

The excerpt is all about how those two worlds intersect and how Camille found herself in the overlap.


America’s failure to protect LGBTQ citizens is a direct result of the overstepping of religion into politics. It’s a flagrant rejection of the Establishment Clause, and a refusal to prioritize objectivity and fairness. Equal rights for LGBTQ people should come naturally to a society that operates on evidence and reason (the kind of society atheists generally advocate for). Atheists should be invested in removing religious influence from the rule of law. And they do their own cause a disservice when they fail to defend LGBTQ people, politically and personally.

… it’s not enough for atheists and LGBTQ people to be allies in name alone. In order for both these groups to be treated with civility and humanity, we must support each other loudly and unapologetically, in our schools and our workplaces, at the dinner table and at the ballot box.

Check out the entire excerpt here.

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