Alex Jones: Donate to Me, Not “Stupid Preachers” Who Buy Drugs and Women

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wants money from his gullible audience, and his latest pitch may upset another group of people who sell lies to their followers.

He said on Infowars yesterday that people should give cash to him rather than their megachurches, because while he’s doing the hard work of “fighting the globalists,” going after pedophilia rings, and “exposing the new world order,” those rich pastors are just wasting your money.

Jones went on to explain that he grew up near many prominent megachurch pastors in Dallas, Texas, and was exposed to “some of the biggest names out there” while growing up.

“I know about these preachers behind the scenes. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen hookers that look so good,” Jones said. “So you just need to understand these people got helicopters, they got cocaine, and they are partying.”

“Everyone worships these stupid preachers and they’re not doing anything to fight the world government,” Jones said.

Just when I thought I understood Joel Osteen

I can’t believe Alex Jones made me almost defend megachurch pastors for a moment. Maybe that’s part of his Master Plan and he really is playing 4-D chess or something. You got me, Jones.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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