Podcast Ep. 187: Jacindamania

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.


We discussed:

— The new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, is an ex-Mormon who describes herself as Agnostic. (1:41)

— There’s a push for Christian churches to clarify where they stand on issues involving LGBTQ rights. (8:18)

— An ad campaign for the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter makes no sense at all. (19:40)

— Most Americans no longer believe you need God to be good. (28:00)

— Here’s how a Religious Right group is misleading Congress about support for the Johnson Amendment repeal. (35:06)

— The Boy Scouts of America will let girls join! But open atheists are still banned. Don’t worry. A Christian alternative still proudly bans everyone who isn’t a straight, cisgender boy. (44:04)

— Young people are shedding their faith long before they go to college, contrary to the plot of movies like God’s Not Dead. (56:35)

— Go watch this incredible (and short) documentary of an atheist who escaped the train to Auschwitz during World War II. (1:11:00)

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