Linda Harvey: My Childhood Ouija Board Saved Me From Homosexual Halloween

Linda Harvey, the Mission: America founder and professional bigot, wants everyone to know that Halloween is the favorite holiday of “promiscuity promoters and ‘LGBT’ advocates.”


Yes, America’s recent exaltation of Halloween as a festival second only to Christmas owes a lot to promotion by homosexuals and their new favorite comrades — gender-confused males and females.

And as usual, the “LGBTQ” folks have no problem using any tool, Halloween included, to corrupt children.

While she insists she can “appreciate a good party,” Harvey has long known that Halloween is evil. She knew back when she was 14 and an Ouija board told her all about it.

when my friend and I asked the “board” questions, some unseen force pushed the pointer around. At times, our fingers were hanging on for dear life as it flew around the board, often spelling out messages.

I had little biblical background to understand what this presence surely was. Now, I can only thank God for mercifully protecting me from being drawn more deeply into this spooky and alluring world where the unseen has real, tangible power.

Does she not know that the “unseen force” guiding her… was her? I guess not. After all, she assumes she’s talking to God when she’s really talking to herself.

Now let’s move on to the more important question: Who exactly is inviting her to all these parties?

(via Joe. My. God.)

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