Creationist Ken Ham Claims Atheists “Want Christianity Outlawed”

Creationist Ken Ham, clearly forgetting to drink his coffee this morning, tweeted an anti-atheist rant accusing us of hating believers to the point where we “want Christianity outlawed.”


That’s his reaction, I assume, to atheists asking for neutrality in the eyes of the government when it comes to matters involving religion.

Somehow, criticizing Ham’s evidence-free views and pointing out the damage done by the faith is the five-alarm fire equivalent of us saying we want to punish Christians for their thoughts and would ban the religion if we could.

Ham didn’t offer up any evidence of this claim. (So, in that respect, it’s just like his “museums.”) But he wouldn’t be able to even if he tried. Even the most vocal atheists don’t argue for banning religion. It’d be an idiotic idea even if we had that power. Much like Christians trying to ban books makes people want to read them even more, “banning” Christianity would do more to spread the faith than anything else. Our best bet is persuading people to adopt facts over faith and reason over superstition.

That’s our goal. We want the faith to go away on its own, not because we forced it out of the picture.

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