Jim Bakker: “All Hell Is Going To Break Loose” If Democrats Win Power Again

In the Bizarro World of the Religious Right, everything in politics is just fabulous right now because Lord and Savior Donald Trump was elected* last year. Can you imagine the horrors that would have befallen Christians had Hillary Clinton won? Christians might (gasp) be treated like everyone else!

Televangelist Jim Bakker explained all this on a show last week, telling his audience that “all hell is going to break loose” if Democrats ever win back the White House.

“The left has become anti-Christ,” Bakker continued. “I’m convinced, if we would have elected the other candidate, we would be, right now, probably packing boxes to move out of our buildings and Christian television would begin to be a part of the end of era of the freedom of Christian television. They don’t want us, we’re one voice that speaks biblically and they don’t like the fact that God’s word differs with what they teach. If we change positions in this country and the other team takes over, you better get ready because all hell is going to break loose and America will not be a religious nation any longer.”

The forces that are causing young people to walk away from organized religion are already in motion. It’s not going to change because of who’s in the White House. And I could make the argument that Trump’s ascendancy has done more to harm the Religious Right than anything Clinton would’ve done.

As much as I wish Democrats were more secular, they’re not. They’re fully committed to religion, but within the confines of normal behavior. They don’t bow down to the Christian Right, even if most Democrats are Christians.

But perhaps the strangest thing Bakker said was a defense of Trump as a man who knows how to get things done.

“You cannot build the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world if you’re dumb,” Bakker said. “They fall down if you’re dumb.”

You can absolutely be dumb and build big things. You just pay people (or don’t) to do the hard work while you take all the credit. It’s not hard to create gaudy skyscrapers when you have money.

It’s much harder to unite people who continue to find news ways to divide each other, and Trump is a disaster when it comes to leading the country.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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