Imagine If God Really Did Punish Us With the Weather

What if God really did cause “natural” disasters because He didn’t like some of the things people were doing on Earth? What if a hurricane really was his punishment for mandatory prayers being taken out of public schools? Or a tsunami really was the fault of gay people getting married?

YouTuber DarkMatter2525 walks through that scenario with the help of an even-creepier Pat Robertson.

The scary thing about parodies is that an exaggerated Pat Robertson is remarkably close to the real thing…

Also, I love this line from the angel, questioning God’s judgment:

Wait a minute. So it’s okay when God does punishment with tons of collateral damage, despite being omnipotent and omnibenevolent? Yet being very precise and specifically targeting only the actual transgressors is somehow unfeasible for the most competent, most powerful, most just, benevolent being in all of existence?

God never seems to have an answer for that, does He?

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