“Atheism is Fiction,” Says Man Who Thinks Humans Played with Dinosaurs

Ken Ham tries so hard to be witty. Lucky for us, his failures are usually public.

After learning about American Atheists new billboards, one of which says, “Just like Santa Claus, the Atheists are coming to town,” Ham decided to make fun of it.

It didn’t work.


Now I can support this atheist billboard cause Santa Claus is fiction, and atheism is fiction. So to compare Santa Claus to atheism is an accurate comparison. Atheism is a meaningless anti-God religion teaching fiction

… What?

Santa Claus is fictional, yes, because he literally doesn’t exist.

Atheism isn’t fiction… Atheism is a word with a definition. You can agree or disagree with our beliefs, but it’s not a fake word. (For the record, atheists aren’t fictional, either. We exist.) Atheists don’t teach fiction, either. We say that there’s no evidence of God’s existence. You can say we’re wrong, but it makes no sense to say we teach a made-up theory.

While we’re at it, we’re also not “anti-God.” Nor do we hate God. Atheists can’t be against something we don’t believe in.

So I guess Ham wanted to say Santa is fictional and atheists are wrong? But he tried to be all clever about it and ended up coming across like a fool. Like usual.

Maybe the guy who thinks dinosaurs and humans lived together a few thousand years ago shouldn’t lecture anyone about believing in fiction.

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