For the “War on Christmas,” These Atheists Donated to a Children’s Hospital

The Minnesota Atheists understand there’s a “War on Christmas” every year, so they play their part by kicking over Nativity scenes working at a food pantry and donating gifts to the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota. (In 2015, the hospital sent the group’s President Eric Jayne a thank-you letter saying “Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your generous gift given in memory of not believing in Jesus.” It’s hilarious even after you realize the hospital’s software likely just copy/pasted what Eric wrote on the memo line of his check.)

This year, the group collected over $900 worth of toys, games, and baby supplies for the patients and families at the Children’s Hospital. They made the delivery over the weekend.





Each bag said “Happy Holidays from Minnesota Atheists,” and Eric told me the hospital staff was incredibly grateful for the donations.

We consider it another successful battle in the Fox News inspired “War on Christmas” because it combats the myth that atheists are anti-Christmas scrooges while celebrating the best and secular elements of the holiday: being together, being merry, and being generous.

More power to all of them. There’s no reason local groups across the country can’t replicate something like this on their own, and I hope others follow in their footsteps.

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