There Are No Atheists in Foxholes (Debunked)

There’s a longstanding belief that when atheists face imminent death — in the middle of a war, in a hospital, during a natural tragedy, etc. — they will surely “find God” for comfort.

We know that’s not true and YouTuber Stephen Woodford explains why in detail in this video.

As he says, we know there are atheists in foxholes because we know there are atheists who have survived foxholes. We can talk to them. We can listen to them.

And we could also flip this nasty accusation the other way. Imagine if we said the very existence of foxholes suggests that religious soldiers don’t really put their faith in God because they seek a form of natural protection against incoming fire. They don’t really believe God will protect them, do they?

It would be unfair to suggest those soldiers aren’t truly devout. But how is that any different from the claim so many religious people make about atheists?

(via Rationality Rules)

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