Watch This Two-Year-Old Steal the Baby Jesus During a Church Nativity Play

I’m not really interested in watching children act out the Nativity myth in church, but the production in the video below included a two-year-old named Teegan stealing the Baby Jesus and a three-year-old playing Mary trying to take control of the situation.

It’s adorable. And it involves Mary putting Teegan the Jesus Stealer in a headlock.

If church were this interesting every week, I’d consider going.

You know everyone in that crowd was rooting for Teegan to win.

Teegan’s mother told a local reporter that she considered intervening but decided against it:

“Another mom, the angel’s mom and I were sitting there saying, ‘oh my gosh, do we go up there? Do we stop them, what do we do?’ And with tears in my eyes I said, ‘no, I think it’ll just make it worse we’ll just wait till they’re done.'”

Good thing they waited. Fighting over Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas.

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