This Comic Will Help You Think More Critically

If you’re looking for a neat stocking stuffer for a young skeptic, you should consider a new graphic novel that’s out today called How to be Reasonable: By Someone who Tried Everything Else by Rebecca Fox. (Full disclosure: David G. McAfee, who contributes to this site, edited the book.)

It’s a lovely primer on how to be a good skeptic — and includes the common pitfalls we all make. I had a chance to read it over the weekend, and I kept thinking to myself how many people I know who would appreciate this.


It’s less of a story than a guide on how to think critically, as shown from the perspective of someone who wasn’t always asking the right questions. But that doesn’t mean it’s condescending. Instead, it assumes the reader is curious and wants to think rationally, but may not always know what that entails.

And the artwork is pretty damn good, too.

You can check out some sample pages on this website. When you’re done with that, pick up a copy.

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