Christian Congressman: God Forgave Me For Sleeping With Patients, Paying For Abortions

A Christian Republican congressman has openly admitted to sleeping with his patients while he was a doctor, and even pressuring them into abortions despite his public anti-choice stance, but it’s all okay in his mind because he says God forgave him.


Rep. Scott DesJarlais, of Tennessee, already paid a fine for his sexual misconduct with patients, according to Nova Magazine.

Somehow, with the country currently much more aware of sexual abuse issues, DesJarlais has avoided public scrutiny. And he doesn’t dispute the claims either. The 53-year-old congressman said he paid the fine against him levied by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for his sexual misconduct with patients.

DesJarlais reportedly had sex with multiple patients, bought them gifts, and pushed them to have abortions, which he paid for.

But DesJarlais is a Christian, which means all of this is forgiven by his God as long as he properly repents. So far, that’s the stance he’s taken, and it’s worked.

However, now the remarried DesJarlais proclaims that he is ‘pro-life and proud of it’, and says ‘God has forgiven me.’

In fact, DesJarlais was elected — and given a second term — even after his constituents knew about his past activities.

At this very moment, the House of Representatives includes Scott DesJarlais, a physician and a staunch opponent of abortion rights, who was given a new term after voters learned he had dated his patients while still married to his first wife and pressured one of them to get — yes! — an abortion.

This is just another example of someone who is against abortion rights, unless it affects him personally. He doesn’t think the procedure should be available to anyone else, but he was more than happy to take advantage of it when it meant keeping his sexual misconduct with patients under the radar.

It’s also an example of voters not caring if potential elected officials embody the values they pretend to promote. It happened with Donald Trump. It (very nearly) happened with Roy Moore. It’s bound to happen again.

It’s possible, however, that not everyone has heard the story of DesJarlais and his misdeeds. It is severely underreported, even considering the current culture in which sexual misconduct with subordinates is often under a microscope.

DesJarlais says God has forgiven him, but God can’t vote. I suggest those who can replace this man with someone who isn’t a massive hypocrite.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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