Bill Donohue: The Catholic Church is a “Model” for Handling Sexual Misconduct

It’s good to see Hollywood and many other industries coming to terms, albeit slowly, with their sexual harassment problems. But Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has some advice for them. If they want to navigate the issue properly, they should really look to an organization that has done everything right regarding abuse: The Catholic Church.



The clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church made headline news in 2002, even though most of the offenses took place from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. Over the past decade and a half, the Church launched many new policies to check this problem, the result being a dramatic reduction in cases of abuse. Indeed, there is no institution in the nation today, religious or secular, that has a better record in dealing with sexual misconduct than the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church’s policies on sexual misconduct provide a model for all organizations and professions. It is high time it received credit for the progress it has made. More important, those who have been its harshest critics need to learn from what it has accomplished and start instituting policies that mirror those of the Church.

Yes, the industries where victims were afraid to speak out for fear of retribution, and who are finally and courageously telling their stories, should follow the lead of the institution that allowed pedophiles to simply transfer churches for decades. If the Church’s problem has finally abated, it’s because a lot of those culprits are dead.

No one should ever look to the Catholic Church for moral guidance when it’s the same organization that continues to fight LGBTQ rights, treats birth control as Kryptonite, and won’t allow women in leadership roles.

And Donohue, as usual, is lying about the Church’s record. Just last year, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse in Australia noted that “7 percent of priests who worked in Australia between 1950 and 2009 had been accused of child sex abuse.” 2009. The problem didn’t just magically stop in the mid-1980s. It’s still happening, just less so than before.

But when you go from a failing grade to a D-, you don’t deserve a victory parade.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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