Lawsuit Says Pastor Told Women How to Masturbate During Pre-Marriage Classes

On one end of the Christian sexuality spectrum, you have people advocating to snap your wrist with a rubber band every time you’re tempted to masturbate.

On the other, you have pastors like Robert Litzinger of California’s Church for Life, who recently stepped down from his position after it was alleged that he instructed young women to masturbate in preparation for marriage.

There’s just no middle ground with fundamentalists, is there…?

Robert Litzinger holds his wife Cindy during a cringe-worthy church sermon.
Robert Litzinger holds his wife Cindy during a cringe-worthy church sermon.

A mother of two has filed a lawsuit against former Church for Life pastor Robert Litzinger and his wife Cindy, alleging sexual battery, assault and harassment stemming from a slew of incidents, including teaching young women how to masturbate and orgasm in preparation for their husbands in pre-marriage classes.

[Jane Doe] charged in the lawsuit that Litzinger exploited his position as lead pastor to “cultivate an atmosphere within Church for Life, through which he could satisfy his sexual fetishes.”

In pre-marital classes, she alleged that the pastor would try and “prepare the young women for their husbands and their wedding night,” advising the women on how to masturbate, have an orgasm and explore their bodies, in order to be “prepared and willing to do whatever their husbands wanted.”

He would also share photos with Doe of himself and [wife] Cindy, covered in bed, with a note saying “just had a great session” and urged her to be similarly open with him about her sex life. He reportedly badgered her until she complied with his request.

Litzinger is also accused of assaulting Doe at his home — he “groped her breasts and genitals.” His wife Cindy insists that was just an “innocent mistake,” though I’m struggling trying to figure out how that even happens accidentally.

While we’re at it, check out the first few seconds of this video from one of Litzinger’s church services. The title points out it’s for “Kids Week,” but it opens with him bragging about sleeping with his wife. (The sound you hear is everyone cringing at once.)

There’s a guy who could probably have benefited from a rubber band on his wrist.

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